10inch 20inch Pleated Polyester Filter Cartridge

10inch 20inch Pleated Polyester Filter Cartridge

  • Keep your water clean and protect your appliances by removing dirt, sand, silt and particulates
  • Size: 10″ x 2.5″; 10″ x 4.5″;20″ x 2.5″;20″ x 4.5″
  • Pleated media maximizes dirt holding capacity and extends the time period between changes or cleaning
  • Durable, Non-woven, and reusable POLYESTER FABRIC that is suitable for a wide range of filtration uses
  • Reusable to extend cartridge life.


Sediment filter cartridge with 5-micron precision reduces particle material such as sand, silt and rust from the water.

It could be used for the whole house water filtration system as shown below.

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