Easy peasy installation

Easy peasy installation

The ‘how-to manual’  – wow they can be complex! And what is this nut for!!?  The instructions tell me I need a left-handed spanner and an obscure-sized rotation pin!!! It’s enough to break into a sweat. Back in the box. I need to be in the right headspace to put this thing together.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. It does create scepticism when researching something that claims to be DIY friendly. Maybe if you are an engineer or very skilled with your hands, but most of us aren’t. How many times have you had a few bits left over when putting something together that comes in a flat pack?

Once you’ve installed the inline water filter, it is set and forget. The next time you pour a glass of water from the tap, you’ll immediately notice the difference. The water will look cleaner, smell better and taste as fresh, clean water should. The filter does exactly what it says, filtering out all the impurities that affect the look, smell and taste of your tap water without compromising all the good additives such as fluoride. Our systems have a four times faster flow than traditional filter systems.

Fully warranted, the inline water filter is beautifully made. It’s robust, yet sleek with a simplicity that makes it a joy to have in your home. You and your family will drink more water because it tastes so much better. Aside from the obvious health benefits that come with drinking more purified water, your back pocket will also thank you. The savings on buying bottled water adds hundreds of dollars every year, even more for some, back to your bank account.

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