Water Refill Tank Valve Aquarium Systems

Water Refill Tank Valve Aquarium Systems

Model: EC-ARZ01

Color: Black

Size: 36*15*6.5cm

Power Supply: 110V-50HZ

Usage: Aquarium,fish tank, water tank


Fit for pipe size :1/4″
It adjustable for the water level.
Aquarium float valve kit also offers a simple solution to maintain proper water level.
Use the Float Valve as part of an automatic top-off system you create to replenish aquarium water lost through evaporation.
Features nylon screws (no metal parts) for corrosion- and rust-free use.

Double protection automatic water supply for aquarium
(1) Stop the inlet water automatically when aquarium is full
(2) Refill the water automatically when the water level down
(3) When power off , the system can still available by mechanical float

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