Smart Buddie Booster Pump for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Smart Buddie Booster Pump for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Model: EC-PB201

Color: White

Capacity: 50/100GPD booster pump

Dimensions: 11.75″L x 6″W x 8″H

 Weight: 3KG


  • INCREASES THE PRESSURE – Reverse osmosis booster pumps are used to increase the pressure going into your RO or RO/DI system which makes it operate more efficiently, improves the economy of the unit, and water production.
  • MAXIMIZES EFFECTIVENESS – Increase the effectiveness of your unit, this booster pump for reverse osmosis water systems can reduce waste water by up to 65%. It can also help decrease resin consumption and increase membrane life.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Buddie Fit press-fittings make it easy to plumb the tubing into the existing RO system. The increased pressure can significantly increase water output and your unit will run even better with the pressure boosted to 80 psi or higher.
  • TUBING & ELBOWS INCLUDED – Six low-profile 90 degree elbows are included to simplify plumbing and also allow connection to the AquaticLife Twist-In RO/DI units. Blue, Yellow and Red tubing is included for convenient installation.
  • WORKS WITH 50-100 GPD RO/DI UNITS – Smart Buddie universal booster pump works with 50 to 100 GPD RO and RO/DI units including the RO Buddie, Classic RO/DI, Twist-In RO/DI, APEC, LiquaGen, SpectraPure, and more.
  • Smart Buddie Booster Pumps are water tested at the factory prior to packaging.

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