PRE1 Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter

PRE1 Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter

Capacity: 20 GPM
Material : Brass, PC
Thread size;1/2″, 3/4″, 1″  OPTIONS
Temperature: 4°C-40°C
Burst pressure 80kg/cm2
Package Dimensions:9.41 x 5.51 x 4.09 inches




[High Efficiency Whole House Pre-Filtration] PRE1 whole house sediment water filter system uses 40 micron stainless steel filter mesh, which can efficiently filter out large particles such as sediment, debris, rust, dirt, sand before raw water entering downstream plumbing system. The PRE1 whole house spin down sediment filter acts as the first defense line to your home water appliances (e.g. dishwasher, wash machine, water heater etc.), and prolongs service lifespan of these facilities.
[Quick Installation & Twist To Flush] This whole home sediment filter can be easily installed to main water pipe within a few minutes. PRE1 adopts Twist-To-Flush design, which is quick and easy without disassembly. With provided 1/4” quick connect drain tubing attached and built-in scraper, simply twist the flush valve to scrape the mesh filter and flush. Effortless and hassle-free backwashing ensures the filter mesh is always thoroughly cleaned and kept away from clogging issue.
[Heavy Duty Material & Crack-Free] PRE1 reusable whole house sediment water filter features with reinforced construction. Main body is made of food grade heavy-duty plastic, which has passed the 900 psi bursting test and water hammer test, thus is proved to be sturdy enough to withstand strong feed water pressure. The valve head and adapters use lead-free brass copper materials, which also guarantees its durability. No more cracking or leaking issue!
[Maintain Strong Water Flow] Unlike other sediment water filters on market, PRE1 has minimum impact on feed water pressure and almost maintain original feed water pressure level. The water flow rate can reach 20 gallons per minute, therefore guarantees sufficient and in-time supply of pre-filtered water to downstream household water fixtures and serve your daily water need (e.g. washing, shower, laundry, cooking etc.).
[Great Compatibility] Comes with two pairs of 3/4” joint fittings, this spin down sediment water filter is compatible with All threaded connectors (Not Included): 1” female NPT, 3/4” Male NPT and 3/4” Female NPT. Great compatibility saves your time & energy, and makes your installation process seamless.

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