DC 12V 1/4″ Inlet Water Solenoid Valve

DC 12V 1/4″ Inlet Water Solenoid Valve

Model :SLV-01

weight: 60 grams

Water pressure range :0.02-0.8Mpa

Spacing: 25x25mm

Inlet :1/4″ 

Outlet :1/4″


Turn on water when system start;and cut off water when system stop.

Food Quality and suitable for Reverse Osmosis water system,etc.

It will become hot because there are so many coils inside. It’s normal and safe phenomenon. The highest working temperature of this product reaches 60℃. If you want it works long hours, you should find a N/O normally open solenoid valve.

  • Working pressure:0.02-0.8Mpa. Its working temperature:32-158℉ (0-70℃).
  • Rated power:4.8W.
  • Working life: >100000 times.
  • Flow: >3.0L/min

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