All Brass Compression Fittings

All Brass Compression Fittings

Model: Brass Compression Fittings
Body Material : BRASS
Temperature: -53°C to +121°C
Burst Pressure: Working pressure up to 2000 psi depending on TUBE size
Color: Brass




Typical Application:
Instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Working pressure up to 2000 psi with a 4:1 safety factor depending on TUBE size. When using plastic tubing, use the working pressure for type used.

Fair resistance – use long nut when greater vibration resistance is needed.

Temperature Range:
65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C) with metal tubing. When using compatible plastic tubing do not exceed the tubing temperature range. (Refer to tubing temperature range.)

Used With:
Aluminum, copper and plastic tubing

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