200 Micron Filter Sock

200 Micron Filter Sock


Color: White

Filtration accuracy:200 micron

Size: 4*12 inch / 7*15 inch


Non-woven Polypropylene filter socks with plastic rings provide quick and easy replacement and most sumps will readily accept our filter socks. Filter Socks are used on sumps and overflows to remove small floating particles from aquarium water. This can dramatically improve water quality and reduce maintenance on filters that would otherwise become clogged.

Filter sock features: Regular use will result in crystal clear water and is the most convenient form of mechanical filtration by removing excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust and other particulates – Prevents larger objects like sand, crabs, and snails from damaging pump motors – Reduces ammonia and nitrate producing organic waste – Increases aquarium filter life

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