Choosing The Right Water Dispenser

Choosing The Right Water Dispenser

All types of water dispensers come in an assortment of sizes and uses.

Hot or cold water will always be part of the most important things that we need every day. Hot water for coffee, tea, or instant soups. We need cold water to quench our thirst, especially during summer months. For this, all you need is one of the best water cooler and dispenser that you can ever find. There are plenty to choose from in the market, but knowing exactly what you are looking for is important.

The Features To Consider When Buying A Water Cooler And Dispenser

You might not be aware, but water cooler and water dispensers are entirely different from each other. The water cooler is to cool the water, and water dispenser gives you room temperature water.

  • The Faucets. There are models that are built with one or two faucets. There are others that come with an extra faucet to dispense hot water. These have switches that you can usually find in the back where you can use to control the hot and cold water supply of the unit. This will make it more convenient for you and help you save on electricity.

  • Water Reservoir. If you are particular with the water reservoir especially its effect on the taste of your water, you can choose from plastic or stainless steel. However, the most recommended is the one made of stainless steel since plastic has the tendency to give water a funny plastic-like taste.

  • Nozzle Size. The nozzle size will matter especially if you are going to use a water bottle or a glass to fill up with water. Water bottles, the best nozzle size would be the smaller ones since this will allow you to fill up bottles easily as you can just insert the nozzle at the top of the bottle.

  • The Size Of The Unit. Water dispensers and coolers come in different sizes. Take into consideration the space where this dispenser will be placed. If you don’t have that much space, you can opt for the tabletop dispensers to save on space.

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