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DAT33A coconut post carbon filter cartridge

DAT33A coconut post carbon filter cartridge

Model :DAT33A

Post carbon filter cartridge uses as the last stage of a water purifier is to adjust the taste of water. It plays a very important role for water purifiers



* post carbon filter cartridge

* Size is 10"*2"

* With coconut carbon inside

* Inlet and outlet port size: 1/4"


 The use of  post carbon filter cartridge

 (1) It is used on water filter system that is help removing the taste of water from the machine. The filter is applied for a great range of industry, it can be used in a ice maker, RO machine, coffee makers and refrigerators

 The specification of the sediment inline cartridge

Model T33A-T33
Service life 1800GAL or 8 months
Maximum flow 0.5GMP
Maximum prssure 125psi
Applicable temperature 5-42 C
Dimensions 10"*2"
Connections FNPT 1/4"


Installation of the sediment filter cartridge 

Step 1: Shut off water supply

Step 2: Check the flow direction

Step 3: twist fitting tightly to both ends of filter and connnect thread firmly

Step 4: Screw back the fittings and check if there's any leaks

Step 5: Flush the filters


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