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The water quality requirement for PP filter cartridge and its performance

Date:2009-05-04  Source:PP filter cartridge  writer:water purifier manufacture in China

PP fiber filter is the most important filter media in water purification industry. The drinking water quality is mostly concerned by most of the families with the continuous improvement of their life quality, the quality of PP fiber filter directly influences the water quality. The quality requirement for PP filter is as follows.


If inlet water pressure is two high for the home water filters, you will need to install a water pressure reducer to reduce the water pressure. If the water pressure is too low, then you would have to install a booster pump.


PP fiber filter has a requirement on temperature as well, inlet water must be normal water temperature rather than heated. So when you want to install the filter with a water heater, then you need to install the filter before that, and should be installed at the lower place of the heater. All parts that connects with water should be food grade meeting up the international standards.

PP filter

The main performance of the PP fiber filter

PP fiber filter in a water purification device, working mostly as a pre filter, you need to change the filter after some time, normally 3 month, the actual time for the PP filter is mostly decided by your local water quality. The filters have their life time, so when you use the water purifiers you need to follow strictly the manuals