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The future market for home water purifiers in China

2009-03-08     Source:water purifiers factory China             Writer: Eastcooler


The recent years, there are lots of reports in China about the pollution of water, lots of families DIY their water supply system to have better water quality. They install granular activated carbon in their water supply pipe to improve their home water quality. And use bottled water coolers at home is very common or use water purifiers. After this Chinese new year, lots of families realize that the water purifiers is a most important household appliance for them, at the same time, the marketing for the water purifiers in China opens.


Lots of municipal water supply can easily got a secondary pollution because of the rust pipes when delivering the water. Lots of impurities in water comes up like dust, chlorine, heavy metal, bacterial etc. But to water purifiers, these impurities is just nothing. They can be easily taken care of with only a few filters.


The home water purification has been popular in foreign countries for years, and now there are lots of Chinese brands as well, but it is very important for us to have a clear mind choosing water purifiers, it’s not the more expensive the better. For example, if a water purifier retain the good minerals for people when purifying bacteria and virus, it will retain the health for people. Research shows that the hardness of water has a directly connection of the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The good hardness of water should be 170mg/L. The higher the TDS, the more cause of heart disease. The alkaline filter is good for human health, and can decrease the rate of cancer.


How to select water purifiers

1. Water purifiers with food grade certificates such as NSF certificates, RoHS etc.

2. performance of filtration: Can efficiently remove impurities such as heavy metal, bacteria, chlorine and virus

3. Change filters after some time. Every filter has a limited filter life, the filter performance will be much worse after this limit.