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Home water filter Applications and development direction

2008-10-10  Source:water purifier  Writer: eastcooler



With home water filter coming into people’s daily life, the advantage of water purification takes a very important role. Now most of the consumers have two misunderstanding on using water purifiers, they think the more filter cartridges in water purifier the better, and filters can be used for a long time without replacement. As we know, that more filter cartridges costs more at the same time, if we mistakenly using filters that we actually don’t need, it’s wasting of money and even don’t have a good purification for your water. Moreover, different brand of filters has different pricing and has different life time, so when you buy the filter cartridges, you need to do a research at first.


Currently, the working principle of home water filter is the same with all provided same filter cartridges. The main filtration type for now is Reverse Osmosis and with active carbon filter.  According to statistics, now inline filter cartridges takes a great market, and occupy a large market share. Lots of factories has their advanced technology and lots of money, so they took the advantage of it to improve their profits. Under the fierce competition of the market, the suppliers are trying their greatest effort to lower the cost at the same time.


Now customer has higher and higher requirements on the performance, people hopes that the water purifiers has better purification performance, highest flow rate, lowest power consumption and longest filter life, at the same time the lowest home water filer price. The more and more intelligence on water purification products makes the water purifier has more and more higher technology, now we can use control board to test the water filter life by water flow capacity and time, and remind people when it’s time to change filters.


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