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High flow replaceable and portable Universal Chlorine Remove optional KDF Shower Filter with active Carbon

  • 1. Powerful Fliter. 
  • 2. Durable Material. 
  • 3. Health-oriented. .
  • 4. Long life. 
  • 5. Easy to use. 
  • 1. Powerful Fliter. This special designed shower water fliter can remove the acid and chlorine in the water in an amazing extent, and soften water active water.
  • 2. Durable Material. The outer shell is made of ABS with plating surface.The inside material is active carbon, KDF is optional
  • 3. Health-oriented. .When it is used in bathroom,it can protect the skin and hair without chlorine
  • 4. Long life. The lifespan of the filter cartridge is as high as 12,000 gallons,which is equal to a 25- meter swimming lane or 20 sprinkler.You can use it to take shower for over 1,000 times.
  • 5. Easy to use. Connet it with your shower head and hot water machine. It is user-friendly design with 360 degree rotation which is convenient for assembly.