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EC-CR551(white) strong undersink RO water purifier

EC-CR551(white) strong undersink RO water purifier

Model No.: EC-CR551

CE certified Under sink 5 stage or 6 stages RO system for home.

Super strong cover and middle panel


EC-RO2 CE certified undersink RO system

Filtration steps:

1st stage: PP sediment filter

2nd stage: Granular active carbon filter

3rd stage: Block carbon filter

4th stage: RO membrane

5th stage: Post carbon filter

6th stage: Mineral filter

With our standard water faucet

All of connectors are quick fitting (including high pressure & low pressure & solenoid).

With Auto-flush system and Solenoid valve

With 1/4" water tubing

Tank can be 3G or 4G

125psi~135psi booster Pump

With VDE/UL plugs based on your local market requirement

Color box packing

With 3 meters extra water tube to be packed inside the box

With housing wrench and the membrane wrench packed inside the box

With manual shut off valve, 3 way valve, water tape, screws, etc packed inside the box


The customized requirement that we can offer for our clients

(1) We can engrave your logo on PP filters.

(2) We can help to replace RO membranes to the brand that you like, CSM RO membrane or FIMTEC RO membrane

(3) We can customize color or painting on the machine cover based on your requirement

(4) We can replace with the water faucet that you like

(5) We can supply colorful carton based on your needs

water filters replacements and the functions

PP filter cartridge, it can remove the dust, iron taste, mud from the water, available with 5 micron or 1 micron

Granular Active carbon filter cartridge, it available with coconut carbon and coal carbon, which can remove chlorine and bad smell in the water, to make sure the water doesn’t have any bad taste

Block carbon filter cartridge: It will further remove the bad taste in the water.

RO membrane, this is the core part of the machine, it will remove all bacterial and virus from the water, it will make the water be absolutely clean and drinkable

Post carbon filter cartridge: water directly from RO maybe not having very good taste, than the post carbon will take the taste job for your mouth as the last step. So it can adjust the taste for you.

Mineral filter (if your machine has it): The water out from RO is absolutely purified even without any mineral element, the mineral filter will add minerals to the water to make the water full of minerals which plays an essential role on assisting people’s health