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ITH-0502 small anti-scale systems for home

ITH-0502 small anti-scale systems for home

Model number: ITH-0502

* anti scale filter system for home use

* Protect the washing machine or dish washer from scale

* Used against for limestone


Technical specifications:.

The polyphosphate filter will help reducing of water hardness, and it will prevent corrosion of pipes and

Service life: around 6 month, which will be depending on the water source quality. And you can just replace the siliphos granules to renew the filter for another circle of life

Installation: the filter has to be installed before a washing machine or dishwasher

Working Principle

Phosphating designates no water softening in the proper sense but more keeping minerals which cause scale in a dissolved and suspended state at higher temperatures. ( siliphos "ties up” hardness and renders it harmless).Through the use of polyphosphate, the magnesium and calcium will form a soluble complex that will attach to the phosphate. A welcome side effect is the corossion protection of the water pipes and the slow reduction of remaining incrustrations.



size  67*67*130mm
port size 1/2"
filter fitness 75 µ
service life max 6 months
flow rate 1000L/h
Max pressure 0.6Mpa
Temperature 1-45°C
Max. Hardness 50° fH
Quantity of siliphos around 140g
Product weight 0.28kgs


* 1pcs in one colored box.

* 12pcs/24pcs in one master box