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WSF01 Washing Machine filter with power phos inside

WSF01 Washing Machine filter with power phos inside

Model number: WSF01

* Washing machine filter with siliphos inside

* Protect the washing machine from scale

* Used against for limestone


Technical specifications:

The filter is delivered with a siliphos container, and the polyphosphate crystal balls inside will filter agaist scale, and can extend service life of washing machine or dish washer.

The polyphosphate filter will help reducing of water hardness, and it will prevent corrosion of pipes and

Service life: around 6 month, which will be depending on the water source quality. And you can just replace the siliphos granules to renew the filter for another circle of life

Installation: the filter has to be installed before a washing machine or dishwasher

Working Principle

Phosphating designates no water softening in the proper sense but more keeping minerals which cause scale in a dissolved and suspended state at higher temperatures. ( siliphos "ties up” hardness and renders it harmless).Through the use of polyphosphate, the magnesium and calcium will form a soluble complex that will attach to the phosphate. A welcome side effect is the corossion protection of the water pipes and the slow reduction of remaining incrustrations.



size  67*67*130mm
port size 3/4"
filter fitness 75 µ
service life max 6 months
flow rate 1000L/h
Max pressure 0.6Mpa
Temperature 1-45°C
Max. Hardness 50° fH
Quantity of siliphos around 140g
Product weight 0.28kgs


* 1pcs in one colored box.

* 12pcs/24pcs in one master box

washing machine filter with siliphos

anti scale filter