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RO water purifier, UF water purifier with pressure gauge

RO water purifier, UF water purifier with pressure gauge

Model No.: EC-CU253 Product name: 5 stage RO water purifier with pressure gauge

This is aboslutely a revolution unit on water purification industry as it brings a great convinience to users and no more worries about the electricity with water.

The special design that will make the machine seperate with water and electricity, therefore much more safe. And easy to use and do maintainaince.

Undersink or wall mount 5 stage RO water purifier with pressure gauge.


Filteration : 5 stage

1st stage: sediment filter cartridge

2nd stage: granular active carbon filter cartridge

3rd stage: block carbon filter cartridge

4th stage: 50GPD or 100GPD RO membrane or UF membrane

5th stage: Post carbon filter

With additional 3.2 pressure tank (UF system doesn't need a tank)

If it's RO system, it comes with a seperate  pump box

(1)Booster Pump, 125-135psi

(2)Low pressure and high pressure valve

(3) solenoid valve and shut off valve

(4) Transformer


Product size:

Machine size:331*147*380
Electric box size:250*134*191

portable electric box for RO water purifier